Thursday, June 26, 2008

Our Team is THE Best

At least that is my opinion. I think it would be in order to introduce you to some of our key team members. I do not like to refer to them as employees because they do not work for me. They work for themselves and for our customers.

Here we go. Eddie Caldwell is in charge of our IT department and programmer extraordinaire. He is our CTO. Next we have Greg Dykes. Greg does a lot of things, he is sales manager, oversees most warehouse functions and also is on the sales service desk most of the time. Oh, he also keeps our warehouse cat (Jessie) fed. Leanda Seay (everyones go to for answers) keeps our bills paid while backing up sales service. Monica Cunningham, our customer relations and claims analyst and is another back up to sales service. Shirin Rana is our product manager. She fights a never ending battle of keeping products updated on our site as well as backing up sales service. Alicia Metcalf is one of our sales service pros and never complains about anything. Brandi Shelton and Greg Hayes are sales and sales service and both get great customer feedback. Tammy Anderson processes both incoming and outgoing shipments and you guessed it, backs up sales service. Gloria Kirkland is also in accounting. Keeping the check book balanced, the credit cards paid and the IRS happy. Oh, and making calls for me that I don't want to make.

Assisting Shirin with new products and product update are Tiffany Kennedy, Alicia Wnorowski, and Brooke Pacheco. They are responsible for everything from product photos and product specification to making sure our inventory is properly marked and located. In our customer fulfillment department we have Fernando Delgado, Audiel Mondragon, and Jonathan Barrett. They make sure that our shipments are received properly and shipped in a timely fashion.

There you have it. A great group of people. It would be tough to function without any of them.

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