Monday, May 19, 2008

We Ship AnyWhere - Even Mercerville, NJ

What a coincidence! Just back to work after my Congoleum visit, I decide to walk thru our shipping department. I do this almost daily to make sure we are protecting our shipments to minimize possible freight damage. I don't know of any company that takes the time or spends the money we do for shipment protection in our industry.

It was a busy shipping day. There were lots of pallets of Quick-Step Laminate, Mohawk Laminate, Mohawk Hardwood, Bruce Hardwood, Tarkett Laminate, Nafco Vinyl tile, several pallets of Congoleum DuraCeramic tile, several rolls of Beaulieu carpet for Pakistan, and lots of Shaw Carpet being shipped to residential customers.

While walking thru the pallets I noticed one particular shipping address on a pallet of Congoleum DuraCeramic. It was shipping to Mercerville, NJ. That is where Congoleum is located. Now Mercerville is not that big, so I wondered if this person worked at Congoleum. After investigation, I decided not, because the customers email address indicated the New Jersey Dental Health Association and we were just shipping to a residence in Mercerville. So in fact it was just a coincidence, Strange but true. In fact we ship a lot of other products to New Jersey.

We are thankful for all of our customers. No matter where we ship.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

New Jersey Trip To Congoleum Factory

I just returned from touring Congoleum's tile factory in New Jersey where DuraCeramic is made. Unfortunately I left my camera back here in Georgia so I cannot share pictures. The tour was quite interesting to see the overall quality control of the product. From the time the limestone composite is placed in the hopper until it goes to distribution warehouse for shipment is about 10 days. I was impressed with the amount of attention given through the various stages of the manufacturing process
to insure the precise outcome of each production run. I can honestly say that I take a great deal of pride and comfort knowing that with each order we sell, our customer is getting the best product for their money.

That evening I was treated to a fantastic dinner at The Ferry House. Great food, great company. Before and after dinner I was given a driving tour of Princeton, New Jersey and I must say (even being from Georgia)that Princeton University is one of the most beautiful campuses I have ever seen. So rich in architecture and tradition.I lived on the Jersey coast for three years and I can honestly say, I have never seen such a gorgeous community.

The next day was a meeting at Congoleum's Corporate Headquarters in Mercerville, New Jersey. I met with their national sales and marketing team to share ideas on my particular efforts on selling and marketing Congoleum products. The meeting was very enlightening and I feel it will help us to continue to be strong in the sales Congoleum flooring. By noon we were on our way to the Philadelphia airport where our flight was delayed about two hours and then on to Atlanta and my drive to Dalton, GA. Welcome home. It's always good to be home.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Alloc added to Our Product Line

In response to many of our customer's request for a commercial laminate flooring at a reasonable price, American Carpet Wholesalers responded by adding the Alloc line of beautiful laminate floors. While Alloc Commercial Laminate is designed for commercial use, Alloc Original and Alloc Domestic are warranted for light commercial use

With Alloc Laminate's exclusive and patented mechanical locking system you are assured of close fitting seams and the joints will remain secure.
With superior joint integrity, stain, fade,wear, and water resistance Alloc laminate floors will be a popular choice for our commercial and residential builders. We are extremely excited about Alloc's product line.
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