Sunday, March 8, 2009

Foor Covering Installers

First, let me make one thing perfectly clear. I am not an installer. but I did stay at a "Holiday Inn Express" last night. Seriously, I am not an installer, but I am a dealer and over the course of my career I have dealt with thousands of installers. And for the most part, very good ones. The best one that I ever worked with was Frank Britton, when I worked in Bricktown, NJ. He has long since retired so there is no need to rush to the phone book and look up his number. He was a true artisan of his craft.

Frank could install any type of floor which brings me to the point of this post. There are many reputable installers in the business who can install just about any type of floor and have the necessary training and tools to do quality work. But there are many more carpet installers than hard surface installers. With the resurgence of hardwood and tile floors, some very good carpet installers are doing work in which they are not properly trained nor have the required equipment. Because of the state of the economy, the same can be said about hard surface installers. They're not going to turn down a carpet job if they are only booked about half the time.

My experience shows that about 85% of all consumer complaints for the failure of a floor covering is installation related. Whether the dealer sold a product not suitable for a particular application or a non-qualified installer was given the job.

OK, you are a dealer. You have an emergency situation. You are overbooked for your normal crews and need an installer. How do you know the person you are going to send is competent? He's clean cut, has a new van, and he's articulate. Does that qualify him? Hardly. So what is the answer? There is a new service in town or should I say the country.

When I attended the trade shows that Shaw and Mohawk held in Atlanta, I noticed a booth set up called "". I first noticed at Shaw. Then later in the day I noticed the booth at Mohawk's show. Being as curious as I am, I wondered over to check it out. I spoke with a gentleman named Aaron Johnson of Knoxville, TN. He explained the concept to me and shortly into the conversation I knew this could be a great service.

The concept is simple. installers sign up at list all their specialities, their equipment, etc. When a dealer needs an installer, they go to the website and sees a list of installers in their area. Dealer interaction with is critical. The installers are rated by all sorts of categories, such as quality of work, on time appointments, appearance, etc.
If a dealer who participates always rates the installer by all the categories, when that critical job comes up, there will be no guess work. There will be a rating provided by other dealers as to the qualification and level of craftsmanship a particular installer exhibits. Frankly, I am excited about this concept and really hope that all dealers embrace it.

For a more in depth presentation go to . I am not affiliated in any fashion with I just like the idea and thought I would tell you about it.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Mannington Adura Luxury Vinyl Plank and Tile

I neglected to mention in my previous post that also included in the special purchase of Mannington Flooring are several patterns of Mannington Adura Luxury Vinyl Plank and Mannington Adura Luxury Vinyl Tile. These products can be found in the inventory clearance section "Tile Floors".

Mannington Laminate Flooring

American Carpet Wholesalers has just received a truckload of Mannington Laminate Flooring of various patterns I purchased at a great price while attending Surfaces 2009. Several shades of Mannington Laminate Revolutions Plank Flooring, Mannington Coordinations Laminate Flooring, and Mannington Revolutions Adirondack Tile. All patterns can be found in the "Laminate Floors" Clearance Center of our website at great laminate floor prices.

Anytime we find a deal like this we try to buy it to save our customers even more money on popular flooring.

Flooring Prices for 2008-2009

All of 2008 we saw unprecedented escalation of the price of oil, resulting in price increases in the flooring industry. Usually every 2-3 months price increases occurred. Now that the price of gasoline hovers anywhere from $1.60 - $1.80 per gallon (down from over $4.00), we have not seen any price roll backs with exception of Supreme Carpets. Manufacturer's have sporadically offered certain products at reduced prices for limited time. Usually some of their slow moving products.

Only Supreme has sent us a complete price list reflecting lower prices across the board. For that reason I am acknowledging my appreciation in this post. Supreme Carpet is a family owned mill for over 37 years. They manufacture both residential and commercial lines carpet. Not a huge line, but a line of great values. As of this post, we do not have all the products on our website. but we will in the near future.

Thank you Dan McIntire and Supreme Carpets, Inc.

Nafco Luxury Vinyl Elite Dealer Trip

I have just returned from a wonderful trip to Breckenridge, Colorado sponsored by Nafco for their Elite customers. Everything was first class and all the employees of Nafco involved were extremely accommodating. It was a trip I am not likely to forget soon. Nafco Vinyl Tile customers were treated to skiing, snow mobiles, snow boarding, or just generally relaxing at the exquisite Beaver Run Resort. I spent time with old friends as well a made new ones.

I enjoyed one evening in particular. I was treated to a fabulous dinner with Pierre LeFort (GM and VP at Nafco), John Neugent (territory rep at Nafco), Dr. Gary Huckaby (motivational speaker for Nafco) along with John and Gary's wives. Good food and good conversation and not all business. I was humbled by the attention I was given.

A full presentation of Nafco by Tarkett's new products to my staff is scheduled for March 24th. John and Pierre graciously agreeing to come over from Florence, Alabama for the presentation.
Nafco's manufacturing facillities are located there. Worth mentioning is that all Nafco Vinyl Tile products are manufactured in the USA in Florence, AL.
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